Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Thoughts about learning and teaching

I now have been teaching at an Atelier for 2 years full-time, and a year + as part-time assistant before that. And some private tutoring on the side as well. During which i learned so much. The very thing that i learned, been constantly reminded of, and now i find myself repeating at all times everyday is, the importance of fundamentals and simplicity. But teaching is without any doubt the period where i learned the most(and continuously so).

As a teacher i get asked questions all the time, some easier to answer than others. From 'how can i make this look rounder?', 'I can't go any brighter even if i use the eraser', 'how can i capture her personality?', 'my painting doesn't seem to have enough life'. Questions that force me to read, experiment and study more.
Also to be able to 'correct' and 'push' the students work, to achieve a certain goal regardless their initial mistakes or starting point. Problem solving along side them.
How rewarding teaching can be!! Pushes me artistically, helps improve my english, and learn more about people. Truly love it c:

Will write down more thoughts and personal opinions on teaching and art for now on, some more in depth, some just me mumbling about it.
These thoughts and opinions are personal and reflect only what i think now, can change as it did so many times before

Demos that i did during class. Always draw along side the student and give demos everyday.

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